Old Guy on Porch Reads Walden to Kids on Meerkat

One of the biggest problems folks have with embracing ad hoc online conversation is that there is a lot of friction from the decision to do it and doing it.  Maybe Meerkat has figured that out much as many online social photo apps have.  These are my first attempts at pure play in these sand lots.  YMMV. I surely hope so.


I am learning more myself and am sharing it here in this Storify.  I trust this will be of use to someone like @poh and @kfasimpaur who both have indicated that adhoc meetups with folks we know and appreciate are devoutly to be wished.  And for others (@sensor63 @Danceswithcloud  @taniatorikova @anna_phd @inspirepassion @dogtrax @dajbelshaw @Bali_Maha @wiobyrne @EatcherVeggies @davecormier @Clarissamfb @GardnerCampbell @cogdog).

The Storify below is in progress.  I am going to work in the garden and then work on this then cut some firewood then clean out the shed then work on this.  So…come back to it and see what has happened.

5 thoughts on “Old Guy on Porch Reads Walden to Kids on Meerkat

  1. Intrigued.
    Need to spend time researching.
    Miss you.
    Looking forward to #CLMOOC and hoping you will be a part of it.
    Planning to plant my sunflower seed connections soon.

  2. Well, you were the first to make me aware of Meerkat (the app, not the critter)! I find it interesting that one of the “five points” about the app is “Its founder is a genuinely likable guy.” I wonder if that is a requirement for a social media app developer?

    I can’t say I truly grasp exactly how it flows, so I am probably not one of the “cool kids.” Although, I DO know what Snapchat is. 🙂

    1. Think video selfie that you can stream. And…I can’t really grasp it either except to play with it like the toy all this new tech appears to be. I know what Snapchat is, but I don’t have it on my phone. And the whole likeability thing appears to be kinda important in Silicon Valley and among the press. Go figure. Makes you yearn for the days of evil CEOs like Jobs and Gates and Fiorino and that guy from Oracle whose name I can never remember.

      1. Have you read “The Innovators: How a Group of Inventors, Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution” by Walter Isaacson? Gates and Jobs and a variety of other interesting people are dissected, exposing both positive and negative aspects of their personalities, and how they influenced what has become the “Digital Age.” Fascinating read.

        1. I haven’t read either one, but I have read some of the responses by both of their camps–and many of them are hilariously anti-Isaacson. Guess he must be saying something right. Personally, I have a really difficult time admiring billionaires, but that is a personal bias; however, I admire anyone who can take on the thankless job of angering the various camps. I’ll see if I can find an audio version and listen to it on my endless commute.

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