Western-Centric Privilege | Now What?

People of privilege, yeah, I mean me.  I’m talking to you, me.  I always find myself a bit silenced when this issue is raised. Yes, I am white and male and by many, many definitions privileged.  And does my privilege impinge upon those without it. Probably.  All the way down.

So…I see what the problem is.  I am the problem.  If I am the problem then what does that signify?  I don’t know.  The issue always flows like this for me.  I see what and I see the “so what” but what of the “now what”?  And don’t tell me, please, that I have taken the first necessary by being aware of the problem.  Nope.  That don’t signify to me at this point. Here is my elaboration of this issue using a tool new to me called Sway.

This is remixable. Help clarify what privilege means in a global village.

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