For teachers of English learners, Common Core means double the work – The Hechinger Report

PORT CHESTER, N.Y. — On a recent chilly spring morning at John F. Kennedy Magnet School, fourth-grade bilingual teacher Kristin Pascuzzi distributed a series of “mystery” photos to her excited students and asked them to discover what they had in common. They gabbed and scratched their heads, studying the images that included a doorknob, a …

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“I don’t think there was much thought given to English language learners when these standards were created,” said Sánchez, who spearheaded the math translation project.

No, this is classic hierarchical problem creating.  And it is the best way to insure that good teachers find other outlets for their powerful skills.  The Common Core put into motions a set of  conditions that are so complex that no one knows how they will shake out.  How unethical is that!  Very.


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2 thoughts on “For teachers of English learners, Common Core means double the work – The Hechinger Report

  1. So, Terry… I think the title of this article is misleading. I’ll for the moment stay mute on my thoughts about Common Core (other than that math standards for the younger ages are DEVELOPMENTALLY INAPPROPRIATE!). I don’t think the central issue here is Common Core, but rather all the crazy standardized testing. ELLs have historically had a terrible time under whichever testing regime has been in place. If learners were simply allowed to learn, the world might be a better place.

    1. I think Common Core is a problem, a big problem. It is the trojan horse for the Gates Foundation and their ilk to internalize their agenda. Plus, it is full of unintended consequences as you note. Plus, it was arrived at in ways that were not open, equitable, or democratic. Having said that, I can look at the CCSS (I really can because they are in a folder within easy reach) and say, “Hmmm, what so bad about this individual standard?” And I say that that is intentional, that’s why I call it a trojan horse. In a sick system nothing is healthy. The standards are an ends to someone else’s means. Thank God there is not common core of affect, sympathy and emotion…yet.

      Also can see the other side of Common Core, but I have seen the other side of every titular reform since I started this catastrophe called teaching in 1994. Not weary, just wary.

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