Honor by Annotating: Susan Watson’s “Quicksand, Ellipses”…

I have taken Susan Watson’s latest post/poem (I sure wish she would post more often) and put it into Genius so that folks could close read and honor the work she does. I consider this the full monty of reciprocation. I have been using Diigo to do this in the past, but I also like the crowdsourced, very human feel of Genius’ annotation tool and site. More players can join in the game. While I think this could become an ego trip for the annotator,  I hope that instead it becomes a careful exercise in caring and considering that is not even hinted at with the Common Core-induced trance state the words ‘close read’ have begun to signify. In short, annotation is a gift that gives back…  Click on the shaded parts below to add your POV or click here and go directly to Genius.

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