Snow Day, Jazz Play, Loki’s Way

A song by Kevin:

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A response by me:

It was a snow day. Unfettered time granted by simple circumstance. Mad Loki pops up and says, “What is not forbidden is allowed. Ask neither permission or forgiveness.” It is a jazz story, part call and response and part improv riff. The story that Kevin’s music and my multimodal accompaniment bring is one of friendship and play. Exactly like a snow day where you get up in the morning, look out the window, and thrill inside to the hoped for freedoms it symbolizes. Then you find out, yes, school is in abeyance, held off by helpful Trickster Loki, a time lapse, undeserved yet given, a gift from the gods because they love to see us play.

So we play, homo ludens, making and connecting across time and space with good will and fun the only commons. It is, as James Carse calls, the infinite game:  whoever must play, cannot play.  Just don’t put yer eye out, kid.


Here is my director’s cut addition to the story above.

One thought on “Snow Day, Jazz Play, Loki’s Way

  1. wow love this Terry. Play and playful interaction and art as a form of creative inquiry and exploration. There is a lot of love, meaning, and deep thinking behind this type of playful art and response.

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