So what’s going on on this side?  Why this post?  A request  from

Helen Keegan


to post  why you teach and a request to use  the hashtag



  1. I created a poster with Canva just because I like it
  2. And I found out that if saved different versions of it as copies that it would be like a very crude animation see above)
  3. And if I saved it as a pdf I could
  4. Upload it into slideshare
  5. Where I could take the url I generated there
  6. And turn it into a gif using slidegif.

That, too, is why I teach because the work of play inevitably leads me to nutty kludges just like the one above.  All praise to Rube Goldberg and to the wonderful device we call learning.



2 thoughts on “#WHYITEACH

  1. a. love me some Rube Goldberg
    b. I mean, toast reminds me of one of our Wreckage t-shirts this summer, so.
    c. I have to revisit the creation of your initial gif because I am not sure I followed all of that.
    d. fun fun fun is so important
    e. what was your favorite part of the Rube Goldberg video?
    f. I mean, nutty kludges.

  2. I loved the part where the popsickle sticks exploded up the sides of the door frame. Using toast as a domino is a fabulous example of lateral think, dontchathink? And if you didn’t follow the breadcrumbs of my path to creating the gif…no matter, it is Rubegoldbergian in its own right. It was fun,fun,fun. Nutty kludges and minty chocochip is my favorite ice cream.

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