Kentucky Senate to hear tuition freeze bill | News |

“Since 2008, we, the state, have cut the general fund appropriation by $165 million for all eight universities,” Seum said. “Since 2008, the universities have increased tuition by $572 million.”

Source: Kentucky Senate to hear tuition freeze bill | News |


I have been talking with students about why there have been clockwork regular tuition increases over the last ten years.  I have always attributed the tuition rise to the shortfalls between state contributions and rising costs. I assumed good faith on the part of our “Tuition Development Work Group” in adopting these increases.  Senator Seum seems to be implying that my trust is… unfounded.  The article does not address  Seum’s insinuation–somebody needs to explain the gap between the $165 million cut and the $573 million tuition increase.

I suspect that Seum is throwing up a red herring, but it does the beg the question:  why aren’t we looking at all the budget ‘carve-outs’ for corporations specifically and the revenue side in general.

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