A Portfolio Response to Summary

An Improvisational portfolio on the subject of Ferris Jabr’s “Why Brains Prefer Paper”.

For class,  Friday the 13th, February, 2015

1. Here is the article for summary: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/reading-paper-screens/?print=true

2. Here is the diigo annotated link: https://diigo.com/07c2ai

3. Here is the diigo outliner that scraped all the links and little bit more as I attempted to ‘Backward engineer’ the author’s writing workplan:  https://www.diigo.com/outliner/375qfj/PaperOverPixels?key=r0g01t7c70

4. Here is the picture of the map I drew based on the annotated link above:  20150213_070511

5. Here is the zeega:

I prepared this on the fly for class and will report back on results and more explanation in the next post.  What. Fun.


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