2 thoughts on “Blood Umbra

  1. Beautiful. Interesting how the transparent Twitter structure did not detract from the writing. I love the physicality of your farm setting blended with the existential reflections.

    1. Perhaps this twitter poem is just poetic rather than being poetry. Poetry requires a lot of craft–revision, correction, time. Much more craft than I have enacted. But I think you get at the point I strive for here. I want you (and everyone who is kind enough to attend to this work) to feel, sense and think for a moment with my feelings, sensings, and thoughts. My writing is a map for sharing and connecting as is your reply here. We follow these mappings to a human communion of sorts. I map onto you and you map onto me. Humans are unique, but the yang of that is that makes us alone as well. Writing is just one of the ways we map out our hearts and souls to the world.

      I wanted a very raw, unfiltered word map that described how to get to the odd, large sense of how we are, as Carl Sagan so aptly put it, the stuff of stars. Our blood, the moon’s blood, our lives and the larger life the solar system and the cosmos are linked by the atoms of iron that thread through it all.

      Whoa, words are a frail reed to begin to approach that, but they are the best I have. Others can sing it or carve it out or dance it or….well, this is our human story isn’t it. We inscribe onto the world and time and tide erase. I get a strange mix of resignation and relief from this. I laugh to know that your mileage might vary AND that I might be several bubbles off the level.

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