3 thoughts on “No Thresholds!

    1. One thing that aggravates me about zeegas are that they are hard to comment on like vialogues or soundcloud, impossible to annotate on their website. The good side is that you can favorite a zeega or remix or embed or social mediafy quite ably. All those roads lead back to Zeega though. So you produce a zeega and you really want more than the ‘great post’- plus- fav-like bare gloss that this amounts to. That is all well and good, but I want to know how my audience feels and responds. Rare at the best of moments. Even when I embed them on my blogs I still get no uptake on them. I lack any feedback. I woiuld revise them if I got suggestions. I don’t. Maybe they feel better in their creation than they feel in their consumption. Maybe the replay is too hincty for even the tech literate. How can I know? I am asking. Of course, I have a damnewd good idea that this will get lost in the attentional flood tide. Carried out to sea.

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