Petty Joys: A Series

There is always a story. Yes.  The gallery below is part of a story that began when peanut butter was really cheap and young boys and girls ate a lot of it.  We got peanut butter in gallon tubs.

As I recall it cost less than $2 for the five pound tub of store brand (A&P, Kroger’s,Winn-Dixie).  We never bought Skippy. It was double the cost and my Mom said it sucked.

We ate it on everything including the fabled peanut butter/banana/mayo sandwich. Mostly we ate it by the ‘gob’ (see spoonful above). But there is always a hitch and the perennial problem with real, unhydrogenated (hence unadulterated) peanut butter is the oil.  If you don’t mix the oil, the nut butter is problematically runny.  Plus, it also left you with a very dry paste at the bottom that invariably ‘broke’ your bread in the spreading.   These seeming petty (but actually momentous) issues dogged rom my boyhood all the way into my adult years. It wasn’t until I was forty did this tragic conflict resolve.  And it took a piece of technology to make it do so–the peanut butter stirrer.

I would love to say I found this miraculous tool in the bottom of a box full of kitchen crap I bought at an Amish farm auction, but no.  I bought one from Lehmans’.  This model is made by the R.N. Witmer Co, Orrville, OH and has many interesting variants to suit every peanut butter stirring need.   The gallery below shows the tool in action.  No muss, no fuss, peanut butter mixed perfect every time.  I have had to make one modification to the tool.  I have had to drill a hole in a empty jar lid to fit the brand I use (Kroger BTW, and the best roasted ever).

The gallery above is randomly ordered (paradox?) and does not show the proper order of work.  The game below is for those who loved those devilish slider games from childhood.  Got me to thinking how kids might appreciate a digital version where they would get to order the steps properly.  Yeah, I know it would have to be a weird kid or perhaps it might be an adult who is still a weird kid at heart?  Enjoy…if you dare.

Please note that this is part of a series. The next one? Refilling the magnificent and cheap disposable ink pen, the Pilot Varsity. Sweet.

varsity pen

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