A Lesson in Creativity for #CCOURSES?

This may not hit you like it did me, but I was astonished at how the creators of the NanoLight attacked the problem of making LED bulbs dimmable by making the bulb smarter instead of attacking the problem at the switch. This is the kind of creative aikido that leaves me breathless.

Now…how can we always be keeping this kind of creative stance in the front of our senses like a filter to catch and bend our routine ways of looking at problems into equally breathtaking solutions?

Here’s my first hack at it. WWN/LD=What Would NanoLight Do?  Awareness is the first step out of routine thinking.  The image just begs someone to generate a meme.  Permission granted.

August 07, 2014 at 0146PM (1)
What would NanoLight do?

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