Celebrating Laura Gibbs & t/ #DailyConnect with Weavly


I pulled a quote from this delicious post by Laura Gibbs about her best tech friend forever, Inoreader. I got the quote from the end of the post and the more I dwelled on it with Weavly as my “close reading” tool, the deeper it got. I share this with gratitude for Laura’s work now and into the future.

I made the typography by using Pirate Pad and the timeline tool–>recording the finished quote on Snag-It–>grabbing the mp4 from there and creating a gif with VideoGif,–>putting that gif onto my Tumblr site–> pulling that onto Weavly.

Like most of these multimodal tools there is always ‘hand work’ to be done to make sure you can access your palette. In this case, Weavly is Soundcloud, Tumblr and YouTube friendly. Very like Zeega.

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