Daily Connect: Zotero #CCoursesResearch Group

I used a Zotero plugin called Papermachines and extracted the word cloud below from all the research collected so far in the #Ccourses Zotero Research Group. Papermachines is capable of lots of interesting data fluencies from n-grams to word clouds to topic modelling. This will be more useful as more items are added to the Zotero database and the collection of research links is tweaked.

ccourses research group wordcloud

What does this word cloud signify ?  It is more about the tool at this point and not the analysis so there isn’t much to observe yet.  Part of becoming network fluent is to not only find tools but to evaluate them for yourself AND for others.  I can’t do that …yet.  What started out as an anaylsis of one web site in a previous post has now become a meta-analysis of several.  Thanks #dailyconnect for yet another rabbit hole.  Hope this proves of some value to someone beside me.  I want these posts to bridge across to others who I don’t know so well in addition to bonding me further to those who do know me.  Frankly, I am beginning to wonder if I am doing much of either in this blog.  As Karl Fogel says, “The scarce resource will continue to be human attention.”

8 thoughts on “Daily Connect: Zotero #CCoursesResearch Group

    1. Papermachines is an addon for Zotero. Zotero is a free and opensourced software for doing research. It is a database, intext citation manager, and bibliographic wizard. Did I say free? If you are doing any kind of research I recommend it. Diigo is good for most stuff, but for when you need to write Chapter 2 of your dissertation or create a bibliography in some oddball format (they are all oddball to me), or want to index all of your pdfs…well it is amazing. And the developers and user groups are wunderbar.

  1. Dammit, Terry, never doubt that you are connecting. Even when I am not “here,” I am here.

    I have never heard of zotero either. Will have to look into it.

    I like the idea of word clouds as representations for data analysis.

    1. I do not doubt that you are there. Count on it as an act of faith. I like counting things even if what they claim to measure is….dubious. I don’t put much faith in numbers as final arbiters. As a further way into the Truth–yes, they are handy.

  2. My first thought when looking at the word cloud was “hey, this could be neat if you are just starting a research project in a new-to-you area.” Potential search terms jump right out at you.

    Thinking about it a little more, since this pulls from an existing lit base…maybe that would not work so well. (the chicken and egg analogy is popping into my head right now) Still like the idea though – it helps us see what the keywords are – sometimes you need to look at something in a new way to move forward (thinking about your writing comment above)

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