Experimenting with Friends (AKA, Connecting)

Simon and Kevin have been riffing back and forth with Soundcloud and I wanted to play around with what they did. I used their sound files and put them into a different container–Explain Everything.  It is all part of my attempt to do more in mobile spaces.

Here is Simon’s work, “CellFormatting”.

I am always so surprised when I translate others’ posts into a zeega by how much it resembles very close, slow reading. I get the same feeling here. I sometimes feel the same way when I memorize. Slow consideration is often the most efficient consideration. It is inherently playful as an activity. Well…it is for me.

Here is Kevin’s draft of a new song done on Garageband and uploaded to Soundcloud.

I only use his song at the end of my piece when it also enters into the end of Simon’s piece, but this is tied to some very interesting back and forth these guys have been sharing all weekend.

Here is my piece that I uploaded to YouTube using the iPad app, Explain Everything.  This is more proof of concept that the tool was capable of more, a sort of raw practice using a tool I had never thought to use in this way before. The emphasis is on raw.

Here are some discoveries.

1. Explain Everything (EE) is pretty good at sucking in digital objects.  In this case it accepts sound files from Soundcloud (mp3’s), animated gifs,  ad hoc recordings on the fly, and hand annotations.  I can do more.

2. EE allows for an odd kind of layering of different media.  Odd because, for example, you can see the sound files being turned on and off.  You can spin stuff.

3. As I mentioned above, I get the same feeling of close reading/translation with EE that I get with zeega and popcornmaker. I certainly feel closer to the ‘texts’ Kevin and Simon provide.

4. I get a powerful sense of play, that a game is happening.  I feel that product is not what this is all about.  It is about process and making as much as finished product (thank God). I am reminded of a tweet that Susan Watson shared this week via …well, it got around. Thanks to Sean Junkins and Karl Hooker.



And that brings me to Ian O’Byrne who really did exemplify above.  Instead of just consuming the new Star Wars Trailer like 45 million other people did in the first 24 hours, he posted on how folks were mashing and mixing the trailer including creating gifs from the movie (damn, I coulda done that) to lego-fying the scenes.  Brilliant.

I am so thankful to be connected like this.  I think that making might be our salvation.  I hope it is because…I am worried.  Why?  Because in the larger context–as in global context–what does it matter how connected we are if we are just preparing the next generation to preside over a slow ecological crash.  Dave Pollard in his most recent blog post divides the apocalyptic vision into two camps, the ‘Collapsniks’ who believe that collapse is inevitable and the ‘Salvationists’ who believe that civilization can be fixed.  How does connected learning fit here.  I am going to spend a lot of time thinking about this over the month of December.  I think that connected learning may well be the story that straddles this divide.  If it is then we should pour every bit of what we are into it.  If not, then let’s party like it’s 2099 when the population of the planet is 11 billion plus.

This is how my life online has been going online.  One damned thing leading to another. Or as  our rhizomatic friends Deleuze and Guattari are paraphrased by Davis and Sumara,

They point to the need to be aware of multiple interacting flows that , like the concealed root structures of some plants, give rise to similar structures of some plants, give rise to similar structures in diverse domains, even though the interconnections and shared reliances of those structures remain hidden from view.

Mindsets…are fractal-like, concealing intricate patterns of supposition and conjecture beneath a veneer of coherence (161-162)

Davis, Brent, and Dennis J. Sumara. Complexity and Education: Inquiries Into Learning, Teaching, and Research. Psychology Press, 2006. Print.

Hell, yeah!





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  1. I love this creative leap Terry. Let’s keep playing. I can see I am moving towards wanting to mash up sound/music/moving images. This EE is energy to move out. Thank u. Thank Kevin Susan and Tanya and 18 animals 🙂

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