One Walk, Three Ways

I borrowed this phrase from Stacy Kerr’s YouTube Video of the same name. I am also reminded of Alexandra’s Horowitz’s On Looking: Eleven Walks with Expert Ideas as I write this.  The purpose of my post is to get interaction with the reader in three different ways on the topic of rhizomatic learning via three different channels:  Synchtube, Vialogues, and Hackpad.  Respond as you will here in the comments or in your own blog or on Facebook or Twitter

or within the three tools above and below.  Or don’t respond at all. Just lurk.

First is Synchtube.  This tool doesn’t have an embed code so you need to click below and go.  I love how this says “Read this…” below.  You can chat there, just watch there, or both. Free-range browsing encouraged. Let me know how it goes.  Or send me note and I will watch with you. Or suggest other videos.

6IRCNet Synchtube
Second is Vialogues. This tool is embeddable or you can click and go to the site. You need an account to comment, but none to lurk. You will note that the comments on the site are already populated. That’s because I created this several summers ago for other purposes but have recycled here.




Third, I include a Hackpad list of ten ideas for coming to terms with #rhizo15. This is part of my month’s long attempt to flex my creative muscles. You will note that not all ideas are good ideas or even nice ones. You can add to this as well since it is an editable pad.

3 thoughts on “One Walk, Three Ways

  1. Thanks for the connection to these digital tools. I’ve not seen or used any of them before. Going to dig deeper and see where they lead! One walk, three ways.

    That reminds me – getter get out an walk! Been sitting and rhizoming too long! Need to watch some real squirrels for a while.

    🙂 Helen

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