Haiku here inspired by Susan Watson’s poem “Quicksand, Ellipsis”.  The story behind this is simple.  When it gets emerald and alive and warm and foggy with spring life squeezing into every open door and window and orifice of perception…well, that is surfeit of, too much of, much too much of necessary Spring.

The poem also arises out of my attempts to exercise my creative muscles.  One of my ten daily creative  ideas was to create kinetic poetry, simple and easy and in my own workflow with the least friction I could manage.  So managed and so fun, job done.

This is a kinetic poem created using Jelly Cam  to animate a set of screenshots taken using SnagIt and a bighugelabs’ writing tool called Writer.  I recorded music from the outercool website Hatnote using QuickTime. (Hatnote is ripe for picking and using in the classroom.  My jaded uni students loved it–as in agog and mesmerized like a  tantalized chicken.)

Here is the original poem:

Breathless, “Nature, stop!”

“Too much. Can’t take it all in.”

Words fail me, just ellipsis…




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