A Dilemma: Gratitude for Messages in Bottles & Switching to Manual with YouTube Playlists

Lemma One

I turned the autopilot off this week.  No fly-by-wire.  No net.  It was market week for the sheep.  What a downer.  I hate selling the little woolies.  I know what that means.  Sacrifice. I have been on a different radar and a different network all week.  My father had a stroke and my brother had a bout of pancreatitis.  My dad’s stroke was…not so bad as it could have been.  My brother is in a lot of pain.  Kidney stones, gall bladder.  Manageable but miserable. Remind me:  what is it that comes in threes?

Kevin must have been feeling the pulse (or in my case, the lack of a pulse) from his end.  He sent me a nice note to see if perhaps all was well?  It was a very nice message in a bottle.

Audio recording and upload >>

It was so nice that I thought it needed some context, a little nest to live in where it might echo out to others who are finding troubles in threes or …fistfuls.

Here it is (and I am planning on using it in a zeega as well to be delivered later.)

Lemma Two

Part of my problem of late has been connecting with everyone so I decided to continue to accelerate into the skid and pour on more leather to the floor till there ain’t no more. I justify this by saying to myself that even if my students can’t argue their way out of a paper bag, I am still going to show them a way, even a bad way to do it. Hence, my playlist. The beauty of this is that everything I did here, I learned and polished via the MOOCs and networks I have been a part of the last few years. All of my rowdy brothers and sisters have made this possible. I just love that thought. Even though I am failing incandescently I can light up the night for my colleagues to nod to themselves and say, “Well played. I now know how not to do it.” I also learned that you can embed a playlist on a blog so maybe my chute deployed in time.

Costco Pizza

Of course, you can learn stuff that is mindless fun. So…have some fun and learn how Costco does their pizza sauce on their pizza pies. Elegant. Neat. Satisfying. Gotta be good. Clockwise not widdershins.  I have been noticing with interest how biases (here, the clockwise bias) is wired in to so much of our workaday life.  Thanks for breaking through the bias, Kevin.




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