The Streetlight Effect and the Drama of Play and Infinite Game

Scott Glass was messing about with the #edjoy twitter xtravaganza the other night. I suggested a collaborative poem on hackpad to celebrate the #enjoyment of poetry. He, Kevin Hodgson and I played a bit in Hackpad.

The next day Scott asked for some help embedding gifs in the hackpad and that led to a poem for his students and an invite to add to the collaborative work there. Here is the Hackpad with the Billy Collins poem, “Forgetfullness”.

View Loss on Hackpad.

I followed up by forking a page off of the first line of the Collins poem: “I had an idea but I lost it. . .” If you click on the link I created in that line it takes you to another wiki page that is a short scene recreating the Streetlight Effect along with pix and gifs.

View but I lost it… on Hackpad.

I don’t know if this is what Scott had in mind. If it isn’t, no big deal, but I think the spirit of play and infinite game are attitudes that go a long way toward igniting the creative spirit. BTW, play along with this by creating ten ideas a day. Click here for more info.

Also, if you want to play along with a larger group annotating Collins’ “Forgetfullness” then check out Genius:


2 thoughts on “The Streetlight Effect and the Drama of Play and Infinite Game

  1. Brilliant!
    Is this something to try with next year’s students now that Zeega has gone?!
    Are you using it with yours – and if so – how? (Please!)

  2. Am trying it out on you guys. Everything kinda works, but not quite like the automatic tool. Hackpad is embeddable, exactly like Zeega was (Soundcloud, pix, gifs, text) but it does not have the ‘music’ feel . A lot is left for the reader to do. I am working on finding zeega replacement. I promise. I have even written to the creators of zeega to see if thye might release it to the uses. Open source? No response yet.

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