A HaikuGif: 円相, Enso, 円相

@sensor63 @telliowkuwp Does most language defraud experience? See beautiful coastline & say: That’s nice. Defrocked & defrauded, no? — Keith Hamon (@kwhamon) May 5, 2015 Above is the tweet …

Source: impedagogy.com

The haiku is also performed backwards.  It might mean the same backwards and forwards. Not sure, but I know this for sure–without the impetus from the rhizome, the inspiration of Simon and Keith none of this would have happened.  This is the unknown unknown that Nicholas Taleb writes about in his books.  Unpredicted and unpredictable, triggered by a long train of initial conditions, drawn through adjacency after adjacency, and emerging here, now, like the hyphae of a mycorrhiza.  Tweet—>Haiku–>Animated Gif–>and again and again on the edge of chaos. 

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