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Some of the most evocative advice for teaching seems to be growing out of game, gaming, and game design.  Gamasutra seems to be an especially fertile crescent.  Here is some advice on creating a valid learning space:

Key to game creation success:  1. create a ‘pragmatic freedom to roam’ 2. combine with social factors     a.  play into human desire to master an environment.      b.  stories generated in those environments   

And a great quote here:

"I think things might eventually change, though. I was massively heartened to read this recent piece on Earthbound by Rich Stanton. He manages to combine an approachably colloquial, personal approach with a nuanced critical awareness.   I recommend reading the whole thing, but here he gives a structural example leading to a liberal humanist conclusion: “ A more comprehensive UI technique is used when a party member is KO’d… One of Earthbound’s core themes is the importance of friendship, so the effect is not accidental.” One of my strongest beliefs about criticism is that it needs hybrid vigour to survive: no one school of thought is going to have all the answers. If you can combine post-structuralist or deconstructionist thought, liberal humanist “themes”, modern academic feminist ideas about social relevance, bum jokes from Amiga Power and a story about something that happened to you on a bus…then you’re probably getting close to talking about what a game really is."

That last bit about story seems wise and worth exploring.

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