Writing Project Tech Pedagogy: Episode Five–the Ides of June Edition

This is Episode Five  of my WKU Writing Project Tech Pedagogy Marathon. My post today is about annotating SoundCloud. Yes, you can make time specific notes on sound files. It’s free, easy to use, congenial to share, and worth having in your repertoire. SoundCloud SoundCloud is a free sound storage site. It is simple to share with all the usual social media ‘suspects’. They give you three free hours of file time. I blew through that so I got a paid account for $7/month. I blew through that so I got the pro unlimited account. I have plans to do some podcasting over summer break so I think I can justify the $15 /month; however, the free account should stand you in good stead. The SoundCloud app is very sound indeed. You can do everything there on both Android and iOS platforms that you can do on the desktop. You can upload files or you can record. Low bar to entry personified. In other words it is ubiquitous and shareable and here is the secret sauce: it is annotatable.

I ‘cottoned‘ onto the annotation part of this tool early on. Below is an example from one just published by Kevin Hodgson this week where I annotate how he put together a mentor sound file for his student’s use this week. Be aware that sixth graders are accessing this so annotate as a circumspect adult (but do annotate). Just “mouse over” the tiny red dutch shoes



Here’s another one below, a sound file for a podcast done by Hybrid Pedagogy, hosted by Chris Friend. There are comments at the beginning, but the last two-thirds of the podcast need some love. You can practice “scrubbing” through it and commenting at liberty.



Last, here is a playlist by Maha Abdelmoneim. It is a collection of soundfiles created using a game-like music creator called Incredibox.



Incredibox allows you to download the music file that you create. You can use it anywhere so long as it is for “private use, non-commercial projects and student projects.” Upload it to SoundCloud and you have an embeddable digital object to share almost everywhere online. Add annotation to it and you have a collaborative music project. Yeah, it is as handy as that Swiss Army knife. The idea here might be to create soundfiles of music, spoken word, students reading their own work aloud with peer responses.



Annotation gives SoundCloud a depth of use that other apps can only dream of. And it has the added benefit of being very mobile friendly. I am trying to do at least one “mobile only” project this month and I think SoundCloud just might be my golden ticket to getting that done.

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