Writing Project Tech Pedagogy: Episode Ten (6/21/2016)

I have a few mobile apps that I use because they help me express a feeling or idea in ways that text alone cannot.  One of those apps is Legend.  The app is a way to bring kinetic type to your tweets, Facebook, and blog posts.  It works on Android  and iOS ($1.99)systems.

You might think of it as texting and emoji on the next level.

What Legend does is offer you a choice of animated text and color schemes.  You take it from there.  Here are some recent images I have made.  You make some too and send them in texts and blog posts and tweets and wherever you think you need something with a stronger signal than text alone.  Perfect for quotes, but you can see that uploading your own images is also possible.  Fun. That’s why mobile is so popular with the younglings.

LEGEND_20160618_204821 LEGEND_20160618_202308 LEGEND_20160618_200852 LEGEND_20160618_193723


LEGEND_20151230_092936 LEGEND_20151231_040004 LEGEND_20151231_055458 LEGEND_20151231_063251 LEGEND_20151231_084316 LEGEND_20160101_183302 LEGEND_20160124_101218

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