Writing Project Tech Pedagogy: Episode Three (6/13/2016)

I noted a very worthy “close reading” tool in yesterday’s TechPedagogy for All–Vialogues.  Today I want to introduce you to a more traditional close reading (and writing) tool–Hypothes.is.

Here is an introduction to Hypothes.is from their education division director, Jeremy Dean. Inspiring uses for close reading.

Hypothes.is allows you take any web page on the Internet and annotate the text.  Like Vialogues, it is free and open to all.  You just need to sign up with them and then begin.

Here is poem by James Still I have begun close reading.    

Here is a screencast of how I use Hypothes.is using the inimitable Screencast-O-Matic.



If anyone wants to go on a little excursion with Hypothes.is then I am happy to bring you along. Perhaps a Google Hangout?  Facetime? As always, it is a pleasure to share.



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