What follows is actually a third draft of a collaborative poem compelled by the Charleston murders at Emanuel AME Church. We drafted the text here. We will have a collection of sound files here soon if you feel the need to remix it your own way and add to it.

The principles involved in writing:

Susan Watson: @EatcherVeggies
Fred Mindlin: @fmindlin
Aldon Hynes: @ahynes1
Kevin Hodgson: @dogtrax
Autumm Caines: @Autumm
Sarah Honeychurch: @NomadWarMachine

Sound files provided by Susan, Kevin, Autumm, Sarah and myself.

Garageband loop provided by Kevin.

Editing by myself using iPad app Bossjock and saved to Soundcloud.

Here it is. I think collaboration is going to be the theme of this summer’s MOOC for me. I hope we can get together.


5 thoughts on “MotherEmDraftTwo

    1. I finally got around to viewing your multimodal layer in popcornmaker. What an upbeat way to end the day. i know the sacrifice of time and life these creations represent, but I could not have hoped for a better way introduce our collective identity to start #CLMOOC. What a glorious road out and through. Let’s do more. Let’s be more.

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