New Canva Treats: a Remediating Machine

One of my favorite cloud image tools is Canva. Along with Pixlr I don’t really feel the need to be a Photoshop King (although I would love to learn that, too.) I was clicking around the other day among the design templates in Canva and discovered that, once again, they had added lots of new stuff.

The first template that surprised me was the stationary. I had never considered this as a next step in the evolution of Canva. I guess I should never be a product developer. This is so useful to me. I do letters of recommendation quite regularly. I hate the templates in MSWord and in Pages. Not sure why, not their fault. I am just really drawn to the ease of Canva. With its capacity to save a file as a pdf, this letter template makes perfect sense.

A letterhead is the heading at the top

The next new item in the templates that struck me was the flyer. Typically, I use smore for flyers because they are flexible and able to handle embedding. Perfect tool, but this is for simple stuff. I realized looking at this that there a huge difference in feel between a flyer and a poster. The message is more focused in a flyer, tending to have a persuasive element. Elegant and beautiful designs on tap, too.


Here is one of the new templates I have already taken advantage of, the gift certificate:

oops credits

The last item is the infographic which I use below to discuss the faux outrage of those who are unable to view words in context, who have a glaring blindspot of their own. There is a story behind this one that I might tell some other time.


Go take Canva for a spin. Use it to remediate something or use it remedy something else.

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