Living Long and Living Slow: Attuning to and Attending to the Slower Synchronies of the Long Haul

Brian Eno wrote a letter to Nassim Taleb in 2013 as part of the Long Now Foundation’s Longplay Letters Series.   It is a “diabolical” chain letter.  I wish there were more attempts like this. I thi…


When I walk on my farm I fertilize the fields with my own footsteps.  It is a slow, composting process. I value it.  I have been my own John Muir on this postage stamp of ground for nearly 30 years.  I call this a feldgang and stole the term from Otto Scharmer’s work with presencing.  He made me realize that you can take feldgangs where the field is your own mind and memory.  But we have a problem with that–you need to factor in time, sometimes lots of it, as well as attention, an ingredient that is in rather short supply. Perhaps if we began to ‘dam up’ attention and time in the streams of our conscious lives we could all take more inner feldgangs.  Our society and all its institutions seem to be militantly opposed to that effort, but….   I really do believe as Horton preached that patience and ingenuity can overcome blind power.

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