Play the Feedforward Game for #Rhizo15 …or Grade That!

I have been called out in the comments by Sandra and Nick for offering a blank space for the feedforward game.  This was not some late April Fool’s joke or me doing a Dave Gadfly imitation. So…here are some instructions and a sample feedforward that I have done. To play the game you have to do a little bit of guided journaling and you have to share it on Hackpad. Actually, you don’t have to do anything of the sort. As they say in “Pirates of the Caribbean”–these just be guidelines, arrrrrr, but ye can play if ye want. Be the RhizoNinja you were meant to be.



Here are the instructions which I admit kind of suck, but too effing bad. It is an editable Hackpad, you fix ’em if you want. Just ask me for directions if you get lost.


Here is my completed set of answered questions.


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