Writing Project Tech Pedagogy: Episode Four (6/14/2016)



Let’s take a little break from annotation and close reading to use a really simple and fun tool called Pablo.

(Aside: In a way, Pablo could be thought of as a way to annotate images?)


First, go to Pablo.


Next (Image Below), click in the provided picture or search for another or upload your own.  Add you own text. I love this for creating quotes for Twitter or blog posts or even to send in emails to make them more visually appealing.



You can send your finished product to a variety of social media tools or just download it. There are some simple editing tools that are fun and useful, especially the resizing and effects.



You can make Pablo even easier to use if you add the Chrome extension for it.  If you use the extension all you have to do is highlight the text you want, click on the extension icon, and ‘Bob’s yer uncle‘.



Pablo is one of the best ways I know to begin to understand design principles and text placement.  Right now some of my friends are posting pictures every Sunday to a Google+ Community .  I am uploading those images to Pablo and adding some quotes from William Blake’s book of aphorisms, “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”.  I am putting them all online using a site called Kapsul, but I could just as easily make a Pinterest board to show them off.  All of this activity falls under what I think of as “developing a repertoire.”  The Internet is still a collection of small tools loosely joined.  All you need is a small collection of tools in order to create and share.










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