Writing Project Tech Pedagogy: Episode One

I am the tech liaison for the Western Kentucky University Writing Project. So…every day over the next few weeks I will have some tech tool, process, or fact that I will be sharing.  Here is my first one.  We are using Schoology in our project as a platform.  I am not totally new to it, but I kinda like it, proprietary mess that all of these things can be.


I believe that unless technology helps you or your students learn (and unlearn and relearn) it is worse than useless.  It is actively harmful.  I also believe that unless technology evokes fun and the spirit of play it will never be personally useful to you as a teacher and learner.  So…I propose to bring you a series of tech tools, processes and information that you will come to find are “as handy as a pocket on a shirt”.  

And that is how each of these posts should be actively judged. Life is short, teaching time is precious.  If the tool is handy and you find it is valuable to you personally, pedagogically or professionally, then “have at it, hoss”.  If not, then move on to the next one. I will promise to do my best to not waste your time.  

Now, on to the “tech-pedagogy” sandbox.


Let us start with some play.  Microsoft made big news by buying the Swedish game company Mojang for $2.5 billion in 2014.  You might not know Mojang, but you have likely heard of Minecraft.  Minecraft Education Edition is now open and free for educators. Check out this link.  Once you get there click on “Get Started”, cough up a school email address, and download the program.  Maybe this the summer to figure out what the fuss is all.  And listen to Eva Cassidy’s version of “Summertime” while you are at it.



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